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Why is the number one site for downloading Facebook videos?
All in the matter is that it is a very preferred and distinguished Website in terms of its ability to download Facebook videos you want, but with high quality and endless sound.
Fbdownv helps you download all videos from Facebook on mobile phones, tablets, and even computers with high accuracy, easily and conveniently. When using the Fbdownv website, it is never required to pre-download the application on your phone, but you can use the site directly by opening it on your browser.Fbdownv also supports both Android and iPhone devices.

How to download Facebook Video Online?


Step 1 : Copy Link of Facebook Video.

If you want to download the video to your mobile phone, open the Facebook video, then click on the Share button, then click on the Copy Link button as shown in the following image.


Step 2 : Go to and paste the link

Open Fbdownv from your Phone’s browser, then paste the link that we copied in the previous step, then click on the download button.


Step 3 : Download the video in your preferred quality

Fbdownv allows you to download the video in high quality, and there is also a feature to download the video in low quality. If you don’t want to consume your Data network or you don’t want to get the highest quality of the video, we always recommend downloading the video from Facebook in high quality to get more clarity for the video

Features of downloading Facebook videos via Fbdownv:

high quality
You can now enjoy watching all the Facebook videos that you like after downloading them to your phone with high accuracy and a very clear sound that does not differ from the original. This feature is the best and what makes us recommend for other Facebook video download apps, which reduce the video quality or the audio is not integrated or clear.
Ease of use is an easy-to-use video download tool that helps you download videos from Facebook with the ability to use on all types of devices, as we mentioned above, and on operating systems (Android, IOS).
You don’t need to download application on your phone, Just download Facebook videos directly by visiting the Fbdownv website and following easy and simple steps.
Free FB Downloader is a completely free site, but it only contains some ads which are available for the benefit of the developers only but it is not important.
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Download Facebook clips

The Fbdownv website and application are designed to help Facebook users download videos and save them to their phones with very high image and sound quality.
Now with the Fbdownv, you can easily enjoy watching all kinds of videos that are available on regular posts and watch, videos via live broadcasts, and videos in public or private groups later after downloading and saving them easily from Facebook with just a few clicks via Fbdownv.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

All you have to do is copy the link of the video you want to download to your computer, then go to your computer's browser and search for Fbdownv, then paste the link you copied earlier into the input box at the top of the page. Then press the "Download" button to get the video on your PC.

Downloading Facebook clips on the Android operating system is very easy, and it is also quite similar to the above-mentioned method of how to download Facebook clips via Fbdownv on the computer. Copy the video link you want, open the Fbdownv through the browser, then paste the copied link on the input box in the site, do not forget to choose the video quality you want and then click on the word “download” and wait minutes to complete the download.

You only need a Facebook video link with 4K quality. Then copy the link you want, then enter, and then paste the Facebook video link.

IOS devices are a little different from the Android devices, it supports direct video downloading, you need to download documents by Readdle, then open the app and choose your favorite browser, and open the link. Import the Facebook video link and now click on download with the quality you want to download the video in.

Fbdownv video downloader technology is very advanced, when you log in to the site, you will see that private videos on Facebook do not need to source code and paste like other websites and this is very complicated. But with Fbdownv, you just need to copy the video link and paste it into the link import box and then click download.

It's very easy, you just need to copy the link of the video from Facebook that you want to download to your phone, then paste the link of the video in the box for entering the link in, then wait for a while until download the video for you.

Yes, of course, that is the point of Fbdownv. Fbdownv is a Website that allows its users to save videos downloaded from Facebook on a mobile phone, computer, or even a tablet. You can also download the videos to your computer and then transfer them through a USB connection to your phone or tablet.

It is very possible, but of course you cannot do it during the live broadcast. But you can download the live broadcast video to your phone after the live broadcast is finished. does not host videos nor keep copies of downloaded videos on the site server or on the application. But it only supports video display only with audio loss and no archive. All videos are stored on Facebook's servers and downloaded to your device only.

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